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Or I should say don’t bug my bees – they’re busy. On behalf of all 30,000 of them slaving away tirelessly on my House Boat’s back deck making honey, welcome to my Website.

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If you spend a wee bit of bee-time here you’ll learn some interesting honey-bee facts along with an endless list of apiary mismanagement techniques to avoid, mixed in with the occasional funny story. If it’s honey you’re after you’ll be interested to know it takes the lifetime of twelve worker bees to produce just one tea spoon of the delicious sweet golden elixir. Another way of looking at it is 30,000 bees have to travel a total of 27,500 miles and visit more than a million flowers to produce half a pound of honey. We sell one and two-pound jars. Just think the two-pound jars require four million flower landings. That’s why you can’t bug the bees – they’re busy.

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I have only two beehives on the back of the Floathome which will be the ongoing focus of my new
No one said that bee keeping was easy and no one ever said that it was kind.  With a sickly
After the new queen was put into the hive or the nuc (small hive) the worker bees all started to
It is not a good idea to tape the front entrance in a hive shut with tape.  If the sticky
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